The patents

The Radio Hats

Radio hats, a race to the patent office, and one unbelievably cool sixteen year-old.

The Roosterplane

Even after powered flight was achieved, some people never gave up the idea that airplanes should look like birds.

The Zero-Point Power Pump Patent

Zero-point energy power generators are scams. Here’s an explanation of how it’s supposed to work, and an example of a questionable character in the field.

The Novelty Plastic Pumpkin Eyeglasses

Happy Halloween everyone! And happy blogaversary! I have chosen to round the starting date of this blog to October 31st, because I want to and you can’t stop me. So it has officially been one full year since I started posting weird patents! To celebrate, here is a simply one. The spectacle mask having a…

The Corpse Desmiler

CW: death, light body horror I decided not to include a “featured image” for this one. It’s a little gross.

The Breathable Fursuit

Sometimes a product fails, not because it’s a bad idea, but because that particular fetish hasn’t become popular yet.

The Grave-o-Scope

Seems like people used to be very concerned about their coffins. But what if you are less worried about disinterment, and more worried about being buried alive?


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