It’s cold — let’s make a weird mermaid!

Here’s a light one for you. This blog was inspired in part by the classic Context-Free Patent Art, which sheds light on the absurdity of patent art. We patent attorneys are not typically selected for our skill in depicting the human form. Some of us may have taken a drafting class in college, but most of us are just out here, doing the best we can.

On this occasion, I guess this is the best we could:

USP 4,971,737, FIG. 1

The invention here sprays down an existing sculpture with rubber to create a mold, and then uses that mold to create an ice replica. Pretty straightforward, but I am just loving the mermaid art. Here’s a view of the mold, which also shows what the mermaid sculpture looks like from the back.

USP 4,971,737, FIG. 3

You can tell that the artist struggled with the decision of how best to render a fish lady’s backside. I’d say it’s no Rodin, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have been up for the task either.

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