The Pot of Gold Helmet

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, for those of you who observe it. I am restraining my enthusiasm this year, because I remember the huge spike in COVID cases that appeared a week after last year’s St. Patrick’s Day:

No thanks.

As it happens, there are a lot of St. Patrick’s Day–related patents, but not a lot that I am enthusiastic about, what with the unpleasant stereotypes they focus on. But this one I feel pretty good about!

USP D672,532, FIG. 4

This is a very pro-hat blog, and I love this excellent pot-of-gold helmet. It is stylish and functional! Being a design patent, there is not much in the way of description. The only hesitation I have is to question what those holes on the sides are for. Are those ear holes? It looks like they are placed way too far down, if so.

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