The Blow-Toy

This one comes from Deutschland… or maybe Switzerland? It’s a simple toy, with a simple German name: Blas-Spielzeug, which translates directly to “Blow-Toy.” The English translation that they submitted, however, was way better: Ball and tortuous tube blowing game.

DE 2545088, FIG. 1
My lungs hurt just looking at this

The game is simple. You drop the ball 10 in at section 1′. You then apply air pressure, in the usual way, to force the ball through the tube. Not only do you need to navigate the long and winding passage, but there are traps 9 which will stop your progress. I’m honestly not sure how a person could possible avoid the traps, but then, I’m not German.

Assuming you reach the goal, the ball 10 pops out the end of the tube and flies through the air, as illustrated. The inventors thoughtfully include a kickback arrestor, which “prevents the game ball from getting into the mouth and throat of the blower.”

Viel Spass!

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