The Axe Straps

Rock and roll! Here are a couple of patents focusing on instrument supports. The concept is that the usual way of holding your instrument can limit your range of motion.

That’s what motivated the inventions, anyway. I’m motivated by the excellent line drawings of musicians trying to look cool for their patents.

First up is an entry by Eddie Van Halen: The Musical Instrument Support.

USP 4,656,917, FIG. 1

That flap on the back of the guitar braces it against your crotch, holding the instrument horizontal instead of its usual vertical arrangement. The claims don’t cover the facial expression, but I doubt it would work without that.

Next up is the Musical instrument with support apparatus:

USP 5,528,971, FIG. 1

I actually love these and hope to get one someday. This makes it possible to actually sing while playing violin, which is normally impossible due to the need to hold the instrument with your chin.

But again, is it even rock and roll if you aren’t making a super intense face? Also, don’t ask too many questions about this guy’s right thigh.

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