The Furby

I am not ashamed to admit that I was very excited to get a Furby when they first came out. It was just the perfect mix of technology and creepiness. Of course, the novelty of the thing wore off quickly and I hid it under a beret in my room to keep it from waking. From time to time I would jostle the thing, for example while cleaning my room, and I would hear its voice from under the beret, “ME TOMO. ME WANT BLOOD.”

Anyway, here’s the Furby patent.

A picture of a clothed furby.
USP 6,149,490, FIG. 8C

This is a strangely written patent. In some ways the level of detail is tremendous, while other parts read more like a product manual than a technical specification. One disappointment is that they didn’t give much detail on the toy’s “language learning” ability. I have always believed that this was just a timed process, where the toy gradually unlocked more English words as you played with it, but I was hoping to get some explicit confirmation.

But that’s not why you’re here. You want to see pictures of a naked Furby. All right, I’ll give you what you crave:

A picture of a furby, guts exposed.

USP 6,149,490, FIG. 13
A picture of a Furby, tilted forward in dance.
USP 6,149,490, FIG. 38
A picture of a Furby with its exoskeleton broken away.
USP 6,149,490, FIG. 11

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