The Glowing Pumpkin Teeth

Continuing our exploration of the autumnal annals of invention, these prosthetic glow-in-the-dark pumpkin teeth are designed to enhance the spook-factor of your Jack-o-lantern:

Two pumpkins, each showing a different shape of prosthetic teeth.
USP 9,328,914, FIG. 20

The teeth may have an electrical light source or may be chemiluminescent, which is a pretty great word. Here’s what an individual tooth can look like:

A single pumpkin tooth with an access plate removed, showing an internal lighting mechanism.
USP 9,328,914, FIG. 9

And of course, the teeth don’t have to stay inside the mouth. Instead you could have a spiky industrial pumpkin like this respectable gentleman:

A pumpkin with spikes all over it.
USP 9,328,914, FIG. 17

From a patent lawyer’s perspective, this whole thing is pretty great. It’s a simple device that is designed for a specific purpose and seems to do the job well. The figures are good, the claims are broad, and the application was allowed without a single rejection.

Of course, no beautiful thing lasts forever. The company, Pumpkin Teeth LLC, didn’t pay the maintenance fee and the patent has expired. I am guessing they didn’t get the traction in the marketplace that they had hoped for. Their website was active earlier this year, but is now inaccessible. Rest In Pumpkins, Pumpkin Teeth LLC…

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