The Grave-o-Scope

Just a few days ago we discussed how to rig a bomb to a corpse, to prevent grave robbers from taking it away. But let’s say your concern was less about disinterment and more about burying people alive? That’s where this “grave attachment” comes in:

A picture showing a coffin underground. A pipe extends from the coffin to the surface, with mirrors to let someone look inside.
USP 901,407, FIG. 1

It even comes with an electric lamp 16 to illuminate the corpse. That way:

Should a person be buried alive the same will be observed by watchers looking at the mirror 13 and in order that life may be sustained until the casket or coffin has been removed, an auxiliary opening 23 is formed in the tube 8 adjacent the free end thereof. By providing this opening a sufficient flow is permitted to enter the casket for sustaining life.

USP 901,407, p. 1, lns 75-83

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