The Cosmic Cube

Here’s one from America’s Hat. Just so you know what you’re in for, I found it by searching Google Patents for “book of revelations.” This is my blog–don’t question my process. I have linked to the PDF document at the bottom of this post, since the automated character recognition for this document is pretty rough.

First two sentences: “The Cosmic Cube is based on the mathematics of E = mc^3. It provides a safe interdimensional passageway to the inescapable forward step in evolution that befronts our specie.” The temptation I face is to quote the entire thing for you, because it is all solid gold. Instead, I’ll leaving the reading as an exercise to the reader, and focus on some of the pictures, which are exquisite in themselves.

CA2010302, FIG. ???
CA2010302, FIG. ???
CA2010302, FIG. ???

Below you’ll find the full document. Sometime I should come up with a Crackpot Bingo card to help evaluate these. It touches on modern physics, Christian scripture and eschatology, Egyptology, and makes a mess of all of them. It even name checks Buckminster Fuller, and I could do a whole series of posts on him alone. The only thing it doesn’t mention is how the Cosmic Cube has been a part of Marvel Comics lore since 1966… Cite your sources, Winifred!

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