The Needimals

Content warning: cute animals, children, needles

As the parent of several actual human children, the “getting shots” experience is a trip. My kids, it turns out, will weather just about any storm for a chance to grab a cheap toy from a bucket, but they’re not dumb. If you were to pretend the needle was a cute, harmless animal, they’d make it very clear what they thought of you.

I guess this one is for the more credulous children: Hypodermic syringes and attachments thereto pleasing to children.

USP 3,299,891, FIG. 4
It even has convenient q-tip storage 24.

I should really look more into creepy medical equipment patents, because it doesn’t take much to trigger the skeeve factor. Consider this suggestion for how the invention might be employed:

A Q-tip may be then dipped into an alcohol or other germicidal or his nurse tells the child that the animal or object, as the case may be, will touch or kiss the child in the particular area of the injection. … A medical or dental office may have disposable syringes with barrels shaped in the form of many different animals or other objects pleasing to children. The child patient may then be offered his choice which animal or object he prefers to touch or kiss him.

USP 3,299,891, col. 3, ln 75 to col. 4, ln 10
USP 3,299,891, FIG. 8

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