The Keg Hat

Big things happening in my world right now, so here’s some light fare: The substance dispensing headgear.

USP 5,966,743, FIG. 1

This takes the classic “beer hat” and scales it up. Now you’ve got a whole party on your head! And in case you feel like you would like to tailor your keg experience to the event of the day, they have different options:

USP 5,966,743, FIG. 8
Tennis, I think?
USP 5,966,743, FIG. 9
This one is definitely baseball.
USP 5,966,743, FIG. 10
Then you’ve got your basketball.

That’s cool and all, but can you imagine carrying a gallon of liquid on your head all afternoon? Sloshing around and straining your neck? Better drink it fast!

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