The Keurig Communion

Imagine you are a good Catholic person-about-town with places to be. Perhaps a pious individual of business with important meetings on a Sunday morning. You don’t want to skip your weekly dose of blood and flesh, naturally, but the deal cannot wait! Perhaps you should consider the drily named apparatus for supplying two-part systems:

USP 5,584,388, FIG. 7

The device has two covers. Peeling back the first reveals a disc-shaped object:

USP 5,584,388, FIG. 9

Peeling back the second reveals the liquid contained within:

USP 5,584,388, FIG. 10

Then you’re all set! My knowledge of the Latin Rite is lacking, so I’m not sure whether it could actually be pre-consecrated and on-the-go, but at the very least the priest doesn’t have to worry about doing the dishes afterward.

USP 5,584,388, FIG. 6
“The communicant must not be permitted to instinct the host himself in the chalice, nor to receive the instincted host in the hand.”
Redemptionis Sacramentum, 104

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