Crystal Healing with Electronic Gem Theory

Whenever I’m stumped for what to post, I can always just go look on Google Patents for applications that abuse the word “energy.” Today I searched for crystal healing energy and looked for applications that had been universally rejected. What I got was the vaguely named Medical Therapy Apparatus:

Image of a device's control panel, with pictures of beams of light shining on a human silhouette.
USPP 2003/0181949, FIG. 1

So what problem is this thing trying to solve? Basically, all of them:

A very large percentage of presented injuries and diseases support excessive biological energy. For example, contusions, fractures, burns, carcinomas, lymphomas, melanomas, prostate cancer, dermatological diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus and associated pathology, liver disease and many other common conditions, including bacterial infections, can be accompanied by localised vasodilation, hyperthermia, hyperperfusion, hypermetabolism and or hypervascularisation: all high energy conditions that are often accompanied with discomfort and pain.

USPP 2003/0181949, ¶4

Basically, too much energy is bad. So this guy created a device that shines a light through a crystal (“low voltage medical lamps containing crystalline mineral substrates that are frequency-modulated”) to reduce the energy in the body. Various combinations of crystals and frequencies are provided. For example, one uses rubies to generate a red light and modulates the lamp at 16.5Hz. This is supposed to treat hypothermia, vasoconstriction, hypometabolism, increasing local temperature, circulation and biological energy. See USPP 2003/0181949, ¶11.

As another example, the application purports to treat Alzheimer’s disease:

Use one or two transducers containing a mixture of diamonds and carnelian with an orange filter to target the patient’s spleen with a frequency of 8.5Hz. This will effectively stimulate and tone up the the patient’s blood as it passes through the spleen on the way to the liver. The circulation of the blood will carry and distribute the energy to all the organs and glands and extremities of the patient’s body including the brain.

USPP 2003/0181949, ¶75

While the application was rejected and abandoned, it was not for the reasons I would have liked. Consider that claim 1 recites, “whereby radiation emitted from the transducer is controlled to so as to synchronise with the radiation generated in a selected diseased or injured area of a body and thereby stimulate or attenuate emissions of radiation by the body in the diseased or injured area.” I would have loved to have seen a rejection pointing out that the stated purpose is nonsense.

Instead, some of the claims (specifying specific crystals to use) were allowed. It was only because the inventor never bothered to follow up that the application died, rather than because it’s a silly idea. The Patent Office focuses more on novelty of the structure than the intended purpose, but I still find it frustrating when they give tacit approval to wackadoodle claims.

It is worth noting that the inventor actually makes and sells these things. Or at least, he did seventeen years ago and the website is still up, with testimonials as recent as eight years ago and this article apparently being written about it in 2020. Unsurprisingly, he has also self-published a couple of books on energy healing, specifically under the name he coined, “Electronic Gem Theory.”

For some broader context, this guy is not the only one doing “light therapy” with gems. A quick search pulls up this site: Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems. Then you’ve got the Gemstone Therapy Institute, with amazing quotes like this one:

I strongly disagree with programing crystals, infusing them with thought or prayer, or telling them what to do or how to affect a person. It’s like telling a surgeon how to do her job. Asking the gems to help you is one thing, programming them dishonors the intelligence in the gemstones and your body’s ability to find its own relationship with them. It’s like hypnotizing the gemstones to do your bidding. Plus, it is not easy to clear this type of programming. For how many centuries will it last? (emphasis in the original)

So yeah. Crystal healing is still going strong. If you want to get in on it, I happen to know a reputable rock dealer!

2 thoughts on “Crystal Healing with Electronic Gem Theory

    1. Excellent find! People can often patent these things if they leave the nonsense out of the claims, even if the specification is completely bonkers. For example, this post was about “homeopathic therapy crystals”:

      They got a patent, because the claims ultimately were just about drilling holes in crystals and filling the holes with other crystals. Ghadiali’s claims were similarly directed to the apparatus, with no mention of using it to cure disease.


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