USP 681,974, FIG. 1

It also consists of a novel construction of movable eyelids, which may be provided with eyelashes to simulate the human eye, the opening and closing of said eyelids being effected by means of small counterweights, which are attached to a spring secured to said eyelids, whereby the said eyelids as the doll is moved cause the latter to have the appearance of winking.

USP 681,7974, p. 1, lns 23-31
USP 681,974, FIG. 2

41 designates the doll’s teeth, which are carried by a bar 42, suitably supported on the frame 43, which also carries the eyes, eyelids, and their adjuncts.

USP 681,974, p. 2, lns 59-62
USP 681,974, FIG. 1, excerpt

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