The Modular Plumage Hat

I spent some time this morning trying to figure out whether the Mohawk hairstyle is culturally appropriative. I think I’ve settled on, “Not really, but it’s uncomfortable that we call it that.” Anyway, it’s an awesome hairstyle, but perhaps your shaved sides get chilly, or you have pale skin and burn easily.

Enter this hat:

Picture of a person wearing a hat. Their hair sticks up through a hole in the middle of the hat.
USP 9,375,042, FIG. 2

The hat has a cut away portion, so you can “proudly display the Mohawk hairstyle,” which is “currently popular with some professional athletes and entertainers.” Additionally, the hat can simulate the hairstyle, as it presses down the hair along the sides while letting the hair in the middle come through.

In instances when you are undercover as a totally normal person, you can cover the hole with a piece of cloth:

A picture of a hat with a hole in the middle. A piece of fabric is shown to cover the hole.
USP 9,375,042, FIG. 3

And of course, that insert can be replaced with a variety of more exciting options. For example, for the hair deficient, you can get a cool lizard tail:

A picture of a hat with a lizard tail.
USP 9,375,042, FIG. 8B

Whatever your opinion of the haircut might be, I am pretty sure there are no appropriation issues with having a sweet dinosaur hat.

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